Iberdrola Power Purchase Agreement

As the largest purchase of wind power to date by an American city and as the first city without municipal plants to achieve a long-term wind AAE, the DGS PPA is abandoning a path that other municipalities can follow. DgS has put in place a plan for municipalities that want to meet their GHG and renewable energy targets and has stimulated additional investment in the renewable energy market by investing in wind energy as a long-term scalable solution. Based on this agreement, Iberdrola will promote, build and operate the world`s largest photovoltaic self-consumption system. With an investment of nearly 70 million euros, the new renewable facility, which will be operated on the site of the SABIC industrial plant, will have an installed capacity of 100 megawatts (MW) and will consist of 263,000 solar modules. The facility will increase Iberdrola`s renewable energy capacity in the Murcia region by nearly 60% and create up to 500 jobs during construction, many of which are local. Bayer, which committed at the end of last year to achieving a carbon neutral global carbon footprint by 2030, is making progress with this agreement, which is a major step forward in its contribution to the net zero ratio. In addition, the company analyzes and adapts its facilities to make them more efficient with better use of resources, as another priority on which Bayer focuses its investment. And it was only last month that Iberdrola signed the first AAE signed between an energy company and a telecommunications operator in Spain. The agreement with Euskaltel, the Basque Country-based telecommunications operator, will provide electricity from a 391 MW solar project. Previously, Iberdrola had already signed a 10-year PPP for the solar project with Grupo Kutxabank, which would have been the first contract of its kind in the world signed between an energy company and a bank.

Iberdrola is a world leader in energy, the leading provider of wind energy and one of the world`s largest suppliers of electricity after market capitalization. The group is present in many countries and supplies about 100 million people with electricity, mainly in Spain, the United Kingdom (ScottishPower), the United States (Avangrid), Brazil (Neoenergia) and Mexico. With 34,000 employees and a fortune of more than 110 billion euros, the company achieved 2017 sales of 31.263 billion euros and a net profit of 2.804 billion euros. Iberdrola and SABIC are making progress in their business and sustainable development strategies with the signing of a long-term electricity supply contract (AAE) that will allow the energy company to supply green electricity to the plant of the multinational petrochemical company of La Aljorra – Cartagena in Murcia for the next 25 years. “Further, these agreements demonstrate the competitiveness of renewable energy and their ability to provide energy at affordable and stable prices.” “Our strategic framework as a sustainable and globally responsible company requires that by 2025, all the electricity we buy is generated from renewable sources and that we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 2016-2017.

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