Food Panda Agreement

3.1.4 The publication of content representing cyber-harassment, as defined by foodpanda at its sole discretion; 3.9. If the agreement is awarded on the basis of a particular brand or brand (s) or a particular product model, as indicated in the order, or as indicated as a model (during the tender procedure or under this agreement), the indicated product brands or models must be provided. No other product brand or model is accepted unless there is a prior written agreement from Foodpanda to replace the product brands/models indicated when: foodpanda reserves the right to modify or modify these conditions at any time (including our guidelines that are included in these Terms). It is highly recommended to read these conditions regularly. It is assumed that you have agreed to the amended terms by continuing to use the platforms after the date the amended terms will be published. 9.5. In order to avoid any doubt, the termination or termination of this contract comes into effect from the date of the written notification and Foodpanda is not liable to the supplier in the event of damage or compensation. 14.5. To the extent that the foodpanda supplier discloses personal data, the supplier undertakes to provide Foodpanda only at the time of this disclosure: In some cases, our suppliers will deliver the order (“Supplier Delivery”). Although we make reasonable efforts to provide you with advance delivery notification from the supplier, this may not always be possible. As long as the supplier`s delivery is accurate, we may ask you to contact the customer directly in case of any problems or delays in your delivery. foodpanda is in no way responsible for orders or goods delivered by sellers.

6.1 When you place an order with foodpanda, foodpanda will confirm your order by sending you a confirmation email with the order receipt. If applicable, orders include a delivery fee and all applicable taxes (e.g. B, goods and services tax, VAT, etc.). 3.3. The supplier packs, loads and delivers the delivery items at its own expense to the delivery address indicated in the order (“delivery point”) and in accordance with the conditions of billing, delivery, packaging and other instructions provided by Foodpanda in writing to the supplier. For freight, transportation, insurance, shipping, storage, handling, demage, carting, packaging or similar taxes, the fee charged by the supplier is not charged unless it is included in the respective order or expressly agreed by Foodpanda.

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