Dollar General Lease Agreements

I would like to get a rental extension for this property and I am considering refinancing it or possibly selling it. Dollar General, however, has hinted that they will consider an extension of the lease at the earliest in 2016. From all I`ve heard from others who own generals in dollars, it`s their strategy to relax you and finally, at the last minute, they won`t have renewed the lease and built the new store. Is there a way to get them to sign an expansion of the lease? Dollar General operates more like a hybrid of a convenience store and small grocery and general department store formats. A typical store is a 9,100 square metre building in a tertiary market. The company is well positioned to serve its customers with value and convenience, with plans to open approximately 1,000 new stores in 2017. To strengthen its long-term position, Dollar General invests primarily in compensation and trained personnel, as this position plays a key role in their customer experience and strategic initiatives. What is retail supply and demand in the region? Is the area already oversupplied or is the general dollar necessary due to excessive retail demand? We draw market reports for all our customers to ensure that the area is underserved in the retail segment. In this way, you know that the tenant is very likely doing well, that he is successful and that he is therefore renewing the lease.

Dollar General is currently the only dollar store operator with investment quality loans that guarantee their leasing contracts. Moody`s courses Dollar General Corporation Baa2 and Standard and Poor`s with BBB. In 2016, Dollar General had revenue of $22 billion, a net profit of $1.25 billion, and ranked 139th on the Fortune 500 list. Many investors are looking for the general NNN dollar for 1031 Exchange. They cover the 15-year long-term leases, S-P assessed the tenant “Investment Grade” and the absolute NNN leasing contract without liability. Dollar General often serves communities that are too small for Walmart stores, although many sites are relatively far from a Walmart store or in the same communities as Walmart. It competes in dollar store format with national chains Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, regional chains like Fred in the Southeast and many independent stores. But General Net real estate leasing dollar hold high visibility and full entry/exit along retail corridors with good traffic. Higher heading rates (our quarterly heading rate report shows that DG 2018 closed at 6.73 per cent) and lower price points lead to more qualified buyers. And at a time of great jolts in retail, all net leases in dollars have both a corporate guarantee and 15 years of initial terms. In addition, the new leases, which exchange plates typically designate every five years with 10% bumps, contain options – a perfect recipe for a passive investment agreement for foreign investors.

3. No possibility of getting them to sign an enlargement. Consider it from there perspective. You have a contract stuck in the lease. Why would you agree to change anything? That would be damaging to them. From there, you have to see your construction. Is it an old building with a brick front and sheet metal on the sides and back?? The roof is old, the parking lot is old, etc?? If it is planned that they will allow you to cover the building and enhance the parking lot to possibly stay.

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